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PtSA (Production Technologies Association of South Africa)

PtSA logo

Intrinsys are delighted to have the opportunity to work with PtSA (Production Technologies of South Africa) which was established in 2004 as the representative body for the South African Tool, Die and Mould (TDM) making industry. PtSA is a national body with representation from all the South African provinces that have a significant interest in tool, die and mould making activities. It was behind the creation of the National Tooling Initiative (NTI), a Public Private Partnership (PPP) charged with strengthening of the South African Tool, Die and Mould Making industry, a key element of which is the uplifting of skill levels.

Intrinsys have good links with a number of regional initiatives within PtSA through regular attendance at meetings and presenting on specific PLM related issues. More recently Intrinsys joined forces with Dassault Systèmes, PtSA and SABBEX/Boating South Africa to host a unique series of high level PLM seminars focused on the advantages and potential of PLM within the tooling industry. Internationally renowned PLM Tooling expert Daniel Pyzak was joined by speakers from PtSA, Intrinsys and Dassault Systèmes to highlight the opportunity for businesses involved in or focused on the tooling industry in South Africa.

Intrinsys has a strong reputation in tooling gained through its work within a number of key manufacturing industries. Experience designing and developing tooling for critical programmes makes Intrinsys the ideal partner to either develop your own PLM based engineering software capability and business processes or use their software and engineering resource available from Intrinsys as a service.