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Intrinsys: Meeting the Challenges of Industrial Equipment Manufacturers in South Africa

The pressures on industrial equipment (IE) manufacturers in South Africa have never been greater.  When you take into account growing customer and regulatory demand, the blurring of international market boundaries brought on through collaborative working,  new competitors exploiting technology to react more quickly to customer requirements whilst reducing cost and improving quality and durability, it’s a wonder that certain businesses manage to thrive.

To remain at the top of your game, or steal a competitive edge,  you must use every skill and experience you have whilst continuously optimising product life cycles, two areas where PLM and the experience of Intrinsys can prove decisive.

Return On Investment (ROI) is king
For consumers of IE products to be successful they must be supported by equipment that delivers return on investment. Intrinsys have to offer excellent ROI when selling bespoke products in highly competitive environments; it’s what our sister engineering business excels at.  We also understand about supplier and customer involvement, small and high volume manufacturing and the best practice business models and processes that are required to deliver them, an experience gained through working with some of the best known and most successful businesses in the world.

With a Systems integration background which includes, build to order and design for manufacturing we are used to supporting our engineering customers solving complex and challenging problems with PLM. PLM solutions and technologies that enable them to produce innovative customized products faster, meeting the customer’s requirements time and time again, and achieving it profitability.

Organising and simplifying the large and complex
When country and application variants of product lines and re-usability of tried, tested and optimised components of a modular solution are critical to success it creates a need for smart information usage.  This along with re-use and exploitation of key intellectual property, dictates that a PLM system is required to handle the complexity of BOM structures and collaborative working within your business as well as with suppliers, partners and customers.

Exploit knowledge, world class process and new materials
With an increasing focus on value for money, durability, spares availability, maintenance and product enhancements, PLM really comes into its own. And with a keen eye on the future IE suppliers are constantly looking for ways to improve design, development and production methods in combination with the latest beneficial developments in technology and materials. Working with a partner that can help provide these insights can accelerate your business performance so it is the multi industry experience of Intrinsys that can have a major impact on future bottom lines.

Involvement, start to finish
PLM enables the capture of requirements and supplier involvement with the design and development phases and continues to add value through the manufacturing stages. As every element of the product lifecycle is exposed in a user friendly 3D visual environment PLM continues to fuel future development and enhancements throughout the usage, obsolescence and recycling stages.  Modelling, analysis, optimisation and pre sales can all be tried in a virtual 3D environment before a commitment to large expense is made.  Each stake holder can be brought into the process enabling early commitment and the minimisation of wastage and unwanted, often costly development.

Partners, suppliers, customers and staff across all internal functions can interact visually with products in a natural way enabling valued contributions and a much better product fit to the end user requirements.
Intrinsys are used to supplying best in class PLM tools in combination with the processes and material knowledge gained from working with leading organisations across a global market irrespective of industry.