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A Word From OPTIS...

Welcome to visual and acoustic ergonomics as part of your Intelligent Engineering system

What issues cause your customers discomfort? An annoying sound, inconsistent fit or finish, reflections, poor legibility, non-ergonomic interface? Is there value to avoiding those issues or opportunity to differentiate?

Solutions from Optis validate product performance and perceived quality long before your customer finds issues or designs are frozen. Utilizing physically correct materials, lighting and finishes, brings your products to a level of realism that reveals product issues, not just their beauty.

Dispelling the myth that simulation is about an image, OPTIS simulations separates physics from display device, reconciling visual analysis into actionable numbers; turning opinions into facts and issues into lessons. Practitioners of this become fulcrums for decisions, defining product identity and delivering visual experiences where the nirvana of 4K images are replaced by 15K simulations.

Offering a product validation experience, Optis tools find the difficult situations to enhance final product performance and builds your customer satisfaction. This investment in precise physical description is further adapted for customer age, health, size to ensure product performance matches customer profile.

Capturing your product definition is simplified by the embedding of Optis tools into leading CAD solutions. Enabling engineers to define and optimise the optical scenarios inside the CAD environment. The analysis can be performed locally, across a network or on the latest super-computers or cloud. Bringing results in a timely way to allow decisions to be made in the early design stages and before costly mistakes are made.

Enhancing the products performance is not just about the visual but the acoustic signature that can sooth or annoy. Optis’ tools allow the capture, tuning and analysis of the acoustic components of the sound that aids the acoustic engineer to style the sound according to their needs and environment.

Connecting the visual, audio and behaviour of your product into an immersive virtual world brings opportunity to experience and validate the product at the earliest moment. If the objective is to review capability, new options, competitiveness, assembly or maintenance, the Optis tools deliver physically accurate, high performance, fully immersed view. By offering this vision of the future in head mounted displays, Powerwalls and caves, Optis brings the virtual world to your whole team.

Bringing the Optis strengths of spectrum simulation for sensors as well as legibility cuts physical testing hours. Validating the systems based world of HMI, camera and sensor systems into ‘LCDs everywhere’ products of tomorrow, and creating a simulation environment for both system and human is a key capability the Optis tools deliver to teams assessing sensor performance and human reaction.

Originating from optical world, Optis tools have created and enhanced the lighting signature that is present in many of the leading brands. This signature connects brand value to customer expectation in the same way as Optis technology makes that expectation a reality.

Used by OEMs, lighting and component suppliers across industries and spanning the world enhances quality, performance, results and it is available to you today.

For more information about Optis, visit their website.