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A Word From ENOVIA UK...

On behalf of the ENOVIA UK team of Dassault Systèmes, we are pleased to support and invite you to the ‘UK Intelligent Engineering Forum’ in June 2016.

Innovate More, Manage Less

Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, ENOVIA enables your innovators to benefit from the true rewards of collaboration and is the brain and powerhouse of your Intelligent Engineering systems.

Joins us at the UKIEF and find out why ENOVIA is easy to acquire, quick to learn and effortless to master. We’ll also demonstrate how the latest version of ENOVIA is reliable and robust enough to manage even the most sensitive and mission-critical data.


Legacy PDM systems, designed to manage files, have burdened engineers with non-value-added tasks related to check-in, check-out, manual status updates, manual BOM maintenance and more, and have only added complexity and slowed the processes. Engineers spend more and more time managing the product information and manually ensuring that requirements are met. Studies show that more than 30% of an engineer's time is spent on non-value-added activities.

It's time for a change! Data-driven ENOVIA apps automate processes, eliminate non-value-added activities and free up valuable time for game-changing innovation. Innovate more, manage less is the ENOVIA promise to innovators across the enterprise.

Key Benefits:

  • Increase product innovation through improved communication and collaboration with global development teams leveraging 3D visualization and electronic communication including email and ad-hoc workflow.
  • Consolidate part design and related technical document content from multiple engineering tools by providing a single definition of the EBOM.
  • Leverage skills and knowledge of the enterprise and supply chain through institutionalization of cross functional product development and engineering change processes.
  • Use analysis reports that quickly identify component usage, highlight differences between assemblies, and summarize design changes over time.

We look forward to meeting you at the UKIEF in June however if you would like to find out a little bit more about how ENOVIA can help you Innovate more and Manage less please follow this link: