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midasGTS NX: 3D Geotechnical Finite Element Modelling & Analysis

midasGTS NX - 3D Geotechnical Finite Element Modelling & Analysis

This Webinar exposes the latest technology in advanced geometry modelling tools for ground stratigraphy and complex intersecting volumes, automatic hybrid meshing, intuitive definition for construction stages, a newest desktop interface, user-friendly analysis work flow and 3D report output.

midasGTS NX is a new generation of geotechnical engineering FE software, which delivers state-of-the-art user experience and functionality for 3D Modelling and Analysis in Geo-Structural engineering. Learn the key features for even the most challenging practical requirements.

The highly advanced and robust solution for 3D geotechnical analysis will address the powerful new features including fast and efficient methods for simulating soil-structure interaction, fast 64-bit GPU solver, contact for interface elements, more efficient and accurate ways for modelling undrained behaviour and stress-seepage coupled behaviour, nonlinear dynamic and coupled dynamic-SRM analyses.