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Major aerospace, appliance, construction, automotive, boating, machinery and other manufacturers worldwide rely on one nesting system - TruNEST- the industry's premier, fully integrated nesting system.

TruNEST Benefits

TruNEST's highly sophisticated; multiple algorithm approach offers many technological advantages:

  • Automatically nest actual part shapes - as many times as you want - as many shapes and sizes as you need
  • Interactively create & edit multiple nests
  • Automatically generate CNC files
  • Translate to and from most CAD, N/C and plotting data
  • Create and edit the most complex part data
  • Perform unattended batch nesting
  • Nest any shape material
  • Automatically select the most cost effective material size
  • Track Part, Material & Machine Tool Costs


TruNest I is the first level of a powerful nest management program. It is a full featured nest management system for those cutting applications that require a rectangular layout.

TruNEST I can be upgraded to address more complex cutting applications without forfeiting your initial investment of time, money and effort. You simply upgrade to a higher level of TruNEST. All TruNEST levels are 100% compatible, so you can upgrade at any time.

TruNEST I features:

  • Automatic Rectangular Nesting
  • Grain Constraints
  • Pre-Kitting of Parts
  • Automatic NC Tool Paths
  • Order Scheduling
  • Remnant Tracking
  • Nesting by Assemblies
  • ODBC Interface for Seamless Integration


TruNEST II is the second level of our nest management program. It is designed to give today's fabricator unparalleled material savings while offering seamless integration between manufacturing and the front office.

TruNEST II is based on a new and revolutionary multiple algorithm approach that far surpassed those that have existed to date. This dynamic system nests the actual shape of even the most complex parts while creating the tool paths and optimized cutting sequences automatically, all within minutes.

TruNEST II features:

  • 30 Unique Nesting Algorithms
  • Automatically Generates NC Programs
  • Nesting on Rectangular Stair Shaped Remnants
  • Nest Parts at 1 Degree Increments
  • Part Mirroring During Nesting
  • No Limit to Quantity of Unique Shapes
  • No Limitation to Part Sizes
  • Cost Analysis Reports
  • Automatic True Shape Nesting
  • CAD/NC Translator
  • Post Processor
  • ODBC Interface for Seamless Integration
  • Plus all TruNEST I Features


TruNEST III is the premier nest management system for the fabricator whose flat pattern cutting requirements are highly sophisticated.

TruNEST III is built around the industry's most advanced automatic true shape nesting algorithms. It is so advanced it will nest the most complex parts on material of any shape. Irregular shaped remnants that were once thrown away can now be nested. This feature alone can save you money like no other nesting system. Add this to our other standard features and we stand alone as the premier nest management system.

TruNEST III features:

  • 60 Unique Nesting Algorithms
  • Nesting on any Material Shape
  • Common Line Cutting
  • Part Tabbing
  • Head Down Logic
  • Chain Cutting
  • Skeleton Cutting
  • Part Labeling
  • Custom Post Processor
  • ODBC Interface for Seamless Integration
  • Plus all TruNEST II Features


TruNEST IV is the top-of-the-line system for scanning, nesting and cutting material.

The TruNEST IV System comprises state of the art scanning technology and the industry's most advanced true shape nesting algorithms. The TruNEST IV System gives you the tools to meet your competitive challenges, today and tomorrow.

TruNEST IV Features:

  • Nesting on any Material Shape
  • Scan any Size Material and/or Part
  • Automatically Determine Material Shape
  • Define Defective Material Areas
  • Automatically Nest Actual Part Shapes on any Shape
  • Material While Avoiding Defects
  • Support Die, CNC and Hand Cutting
  • ODBC Interface for Seamless Integration
  • Plus all TruNEST III Features