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TruLASER View Benefits

TruLASER View Reduces Fabrication Costs By:

  • Streamlining Assembly 
  • Improving Quality 
  • Increasing Productivity 
  • Decreasing Learning Curve
  • Adding Flexibility

Paint Templating

Masking for painting can be an arduous task, consuming many hours and creating unnecessary bottlenecks. TruLASER View can reduce cycle time by eliminating this all too familiar problem. The masking of aircraft, trains, buses, etc., is simplified using the laser projector. TruLASER View has devised a method to cleanly import your paint scheme from any CAD System and project the masking template onto any 2D or 3D surface with the highest degree of accuracy.

Part & Detail Layout

Whether your application is the assembly of trusses for crane booms, layout of weldment details, or routing harnesses and bracket locations on aircraft, TruLASER View can be mounted overhead on the ceiling or on a mounting fixture to allow for the best replication of your assembly. The system also allows integration of two different colored beams to prevent confusion when operators are working simultaneously. Actuated gantry mounting enables the user to scan various areas, increasing the field of view from one location.

Part Inspection

TruLASER View is a turnkey solution for 100% part inspection, ensuring the highest part quality in seconds. The versatility of the TruLASER View system allows it to be mounted in any configuration to suit your company's needs. 

As a stand-alone unit or multi-head system, the TruLASER View is configured to operate overhead or as a backlit projection table. To stage larger than normal applications, the backlit projection tables can be linked together to work cohesively as one unit. TruLASER View allows for a large variety of configurations to be projected on the same table. The set-up is as simple as downloading the next part detail directly from your CAD system to the onboard processor.

Your part inspection can be further enhanced when using multi-colored Laser Projector heads.

Picking & Labelling

The biggest problem with efficient nests is identifying each part and the assembly or job order it belongs to after the nest is cut.

TruLASER View can solve this problem. It can be mounted on any machine tool to assist the operator to easily identify each part in a nest, grouping it by assembly or job order.

The operation is simple. After a nest is cut, the machine mounted Laser will project on to each cut part either an alphanumeric name and/or the exact shape. The operator can then accurately place a barcode label in each part or simply use a marking pen to write the part name. The projected images can be sequenced by job order or assembly making the stripping of the table easier and more efficient.

Component Positioning

Assembly operations such as welding can benefit from implementation of the TruLASER View solution, removing manual measurement and templates from the process. TruLASER View provides a less costly, more flexible means of positioning 3D components for welding and other similar assembly operations.