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TruLASER View eliminates the need for plots, hard tooling, templates, stencils, and mylars for a wide variety of applications.

  • Part Identification
  • Fabrication Alignment
  • Large Scale Paint Template
  • Part Inspection

TruLASER View projects laser-accurate fabricating information on any 2D or 3D surface. Information from any CAD system can now be laser projected to help streamline production, reduce cycle times, eliminate bottlenecks and improve part quality.

Part numbers, bend lines, part features, alignment locations, paint schemes, label information and even tool paths can now be projected with laser precision.

TruLASER View is one of the most dynamic and flexible tools offered to the fabrication industry in a long time. Don't get caught making the wrong parts by using out of date tooling or mislabelled parts. Use TruLASER View to get the flexibility of dynamic tooling and the quality of accurately produced parts.

TruLASER View Features:

  • Eliminate Static Hard Tooling & Mylars
  • Dynamic Project Alignment Information
  • Efficient Part Stripping From Cutting Table
  • Part Labelling By Assembly Or Job Order
  • Improve Flexibility With Direct CAD Links