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3D PDF Publish

Publish. Document. Share.

With 3D PDF Publish you can enrich 3D PDF documents you create by adding descriptions and part attributes to a 3D CAD model. Simply point and click on specific part attributes of the embedded 3D CAD model and insert content that will be displayed within the PDF document. This tool is especially useful for adding descriptions to 3D PDFs with step-by-step animated processes, such as directions for assembly and disassembly or service manuals.

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Key Features:

Rich 3D PDF template creation.
Repurpose your 3D CAD data for any downstream process.

Create rich, highly configurable 3DPDF templates customized to your specific needs.  By creating multiple templates for various usecases, you can leverage the same 3D CAD data for many purposes.  Share 3DPDFs configured as process and assembly instructions with manufacturing, while using the same CAD data in a template configured for field service personnel.

Document your processes.
Share process information with anyone, anywhere.

Add and modify instructional descriptions and associate them with 3D parts and assemblies within a 3DPDF template. Easily connect process information with 3D animation steps created in 3DPDF Animate.  Quickly reuse descriptions and directions from other PDF files.  Click on parts in the 3D model to see the associated part attribute information.

Global 3D PDFs made possible.
Enable multi-language support within 3D PDF templates.

Quickly and easily create 3DPDF documents that support multiple languages with our built-in multi-language support tool. Your 3DPDF process documents can be used throughout your global enterprise, by anyone, anywhere with the free Adobe Reader.

3D PDF automation and reuse.
Easily update and re-publish your 3D PDFs as information changes.

With XML at its core, 3DPDF Publish supports integration and interoperability with enterprise systems. You can merge data from multiple systems into a single 3DPDF document.  For example, merge ERP part information with 3D CAD data into a single PDF template for visual interrogation. Export your CAD attributes to Excel, update them, and then republish an updated 3DPDF.

Leverage the power of JavaScript.
Without becoming JavaScript expert.

With our embedded set of JavaScript-based tools, you can easily embed use-case specific JavaScript utilities directly within your 3DPDF templates. 3DPDF Publish ships with a predefined set of 3D JavaScript tools and the tetra4D toolbar. You can easily add additional JavaScript tools overtime.