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3D PDF Compare

Compare. Collaborate. Accelerate.

3D PDF Compare helps you accelerate the design review process and rapidly deploy product updates throughout the entire supply chain. This compare authoring tool enhances the collaborative functionality of 3D PDF by checking which parts of a 3D model have been updated and automatically displaying those specific changes in the most recent version of the 3D model.

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Key Features:

Easily compare and track changes.
Dramatically reduce time required to assess change impact to downstream processes.

With 3D PDF Compare, you can quickly and easily see what's changed in your 3D PDF documents, enabeling faster turnaround in updating all of your process documentation. The Swap Model tool makes it easy to update the 3D data within the PDF, then compare, reconcile, and report changes and/or discrepancies between each version. Easily track changes to:

  • Bounding box size
  • Model attributes
  • Part/assembly name, metadata, hierachy
  • Changes to animations
  • Added, modified, or deleted parts
  • Model position and orientation

Don't recreate. Reuse.
Quickly reuse existing 3D PDFs with new or updated animations.

Easily perform part-to-part comparisons in any 3D PDFs for which you've created animations. With 3D PDF Compare, you can search by part name and generate a list of changes so you know at a glance exactly which steps of your animation may need to be revised due to design or process changes. Use 3D PDF Compare and you will save time by re-using your animations and 3D PDF templates instead of recreating them from scratch.

Put Excel to work.
Use Excel or XML to mass update process steps in a 3D PDF.

With 3D PDF Compare you can easily import instructional or process steps created in Excel® or other external databases and make updating your 3D PDF documents a breeze. You can save a .log file and easily roundtrip the new information between Excel and the 3D PDF document.

You will save time by making a single mass edit to your documents instead of editing steps manually line by line.