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3D PDF Animate

Animate. Enrich. Instruct.

3D PDF Animate enables anyone to create frame by frame animations to illustrate assembly or disassembly, exploded animation views, and kinematics for downstream use in manuals, work instructions, and more. A user-friendly cost effective alternative to expensive CAD based animation tools, which together with Acrobat allows any 3D PDF to be converted into animated rich media for virtual simulation of production processes.

Get all three Enrichment products + Acrobat at one suite price!

When you buy the 3D PDF Enrichment package, you get all three Enrichment products or purchase the 3D PDF Enrichment Suite and you'll be sure to get the best price available for the latest version of Adobe Acrobat too.

Key Features:

Animate 3D CAD directly in a 3D PDF.
What you see is what you get.

Our real-time editing and playback tools allow you to create animations directly within the Adobe Acrobat environment. No need to switch back and forth between separate applications to create the animation sequence and then view the results. You will work more quickly, more accurately, and create powerful animated 3D PDFs that always look and perform flawlessly within the free Adobe Reader.


World-class animation tools.
Built and priced for everyone.

3D PDF Animate has all the advanced tools you need to create the richest animations possible.  Powerful capabilities include:  rotate and align an axis to a part automatically, rotate parts and axis simultaneously, create compound moves, create and edit move activities, animate view changes with each step, use part hide, part fade, and part transparency during animation, and set end points and stop points.  And with 3D PDF Animate's ease of use and affordability, you'll be making animated 3D PDFs in days, not weeks.


True key frame animation.
You're in contol.

The power of key frame animation is the ease with which you can directly control the duration of each movement within your animations. 3D PDF Animate makes it easy to create stunning exploded views, assembly and disassembly animations, fly-throughs, and walk arounds that playback naturally within the Adobe Reader.


Backwards and forwards.
Two animations, one click.

3D PDF Animate lets you easily create an assembly instruction from a disassembly animation (and vice-versa) by reversing the animation sequence.  Sometimes the easiest way to animate the assembly process is by pulling the assembly apart first.  Our customers tell us this single feature alone is worth the price of the product.


XML to the core.
Easily integrate 3D PDF with other systems.

With XML at its core, 3D PDF Animate supports integration and interoperability with other systems. Easily integrate and combine information from Microsoft Excel, ERP, MRP, and PDM systems. 


Create a standard animation library.
Reuse your animation sequences and achieve S1000D compliance.

Combining the S1000D compliance of PDFs created in Adobe Acrobat with the ability to create and maintain a standard library of animations allows your company to build, support, and maintain an S1000D compliant library of 3DPDF animations at a fraction of the cost with other systems.