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SIMULIA V6R2013x Portfolio

Realistic Simulation provides the industries' communities with a unique collaborative environment to perform realistic simulation & virtual product behaviour testing.

Simulation Specialist

Simulation Specialist can leverage ExSight, the expert-level product family for advanced nonlinear finite element analysis (FEA) and multiphysics simulation on the V6 platform. ExSight leverages Abaqus FEA technology and provides advanced capabilities for modelling, meshing, simulation and visualisation of results for analysis experts.

    Simulation Lifecycle Management (SLM) enables Simulation Specialists to manage simulation data, capture and deploy company best practices, distribute simulations across computing resources, and share the simulation results to improve collaborative decision making.

      Key Benefits:

        • Tools to conduct detailed analysis on parts and assemblies to assess in-life performance (thermal stress, structural integrity, fatigue life, etc.)
        • Supports broad functionality for high performance simulation
        • Allows creation of specific simulation workflows and best practices for the company

        Design Engineer

        SIMULIA provides Design Engineers with powerful simulation capabilities and seamless integration into their CAD environment using the DesignSight and CATIA Analysis products. Guided workflows enable designers to evaluate nonlinear stress and thermal behavior during the design process.

        Key Benefits:

        • Ease of use for part or component design
        • Helps focus on functional (shape, size, ease of assembly/disassembly) and aesthetic attributes (look and feel)
        • Supports simulation to make rapid decisions regarding physical attributes of the design (basic structural integrity, vibration behavior, etc.)
        • Simulation embedded in a seamless manner within the familiar interface (CAD or specific design tool, such as motor design)
        • Ease of use and relevance of simulation
        • Language is CAD or product-centric


        SIMULIA is available for the academic community, comprised of students, teachers, and professors engaged in work that increases knowledge and understanding of scientific and engineering principles.


        SIMULIA tools are available to help Researchers perform basic and applied research methods to generate knowledge and develop new scientific theories. Conducting scientific investigations to answer specific questions or solve theoretical problems.