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Tosca Structure

Tosca Structure is the market leading technology for the rapid and reliable design of lightweight, rigid and durable components and systems. Using topology optimisation you obtain optimal design proposals already during design concept. Specific detail improvements through shape and bead optimisation respectively make your designs ready for production.

Key Features:

   Topology Optimisation - Conceptual design for lighter and stiffer structures. Create lightweight, ready-to-manufacture product designs and reduce time-to-market, physical tests, and prototype builds.
   Sizing Optimisation - Best static and dynamic behaviour through optimized sheet thicknesses. Obtain an optimal relation between weight, stiffness, and dynamic behaviour, to gain material savings and take advantage of increased comfort.
   Shape Optimisation - Improved designs for more durability and strength. Improve existing designs for more reliable and durable components. Minimize stress, strain, and damage – or any combination of these – by automatic modification of the surface geometry.
   Bead Optimisation - Efficient bead patterns for increased stiffness and reduced noise. Improve the static and dynamic properties of shell structures. Generate optimal bead layouts while accounting for manufacturing constraints, complex geometries, and realistic loads.

Advanced Capabilities:

  • Nonlinear Analysis - Exploit the benefits of topology, sizing, shape, and bead optimisation in combination with contact, material nonlinearity and large deformation. Avoid error-prone and time consuming model simplification.
  • Durability - Augmenting shape optimisation using fatigue simulation results, with standard or in-house fatigue solvers. Save weight and ensure highest result quality for reliable components.
  • Morph - Extending shape optimisation to enable fast and easy creation of design variants. Make geometry changes directly applied to the existing finite element mesh and avoid intermediate CAD modifications.

Download the Tosca Structure Brochure: