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Tosca Fluid

Tosca Fluid is so far the only available system for topology optimisation of channel flow problems. Starting from an initial design space, an optimised design of a flow channel is determined automatically by Tosca Fluid. With only one CFD solver run an optimised structure with e.g. significantly reduced pressure drop or homogeneous flow is derived. This allows for the first time an economic topology optimisation of industrial large scale flow applications.

Key Features:

  • Innovative design concepts with reduced pressure drop and enhanced flow uniformity - Conceptual design to create fluid flow devices with reduced pressure drop and / or improved flow uniformity. Profit from full design flexibility to create a design proposal in the initial design phase.
  • Mass flow balancing* - Generate design concepts for a desired flow split ratio with multiple given outlets. Achieve an optimised flow distribution for maximum comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Reduction of flow instabilities, induced noise and vibration* - Achieve significant noise reduction by eliminating flow instabilities. Design products with enhanced flow efficiency. Achieve a balanced and noise reduced flow solution for increased efficiency and comfort.

* For selected cases - depending on given technical and physical conditions


  • Economic use of existing IT investments
  • Automated design development leads to less physical testing and a reduction in the number of prototypes
  • Shorter development cycles by combining design and optimisation of fluid flow tasks early in the design process
  • Advanced designs with higher product performance and reduced energy consumption
  • Faster time-to-market for innovative designs

Download the Tosca Fluid Brochure: