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Tosca Main Technologies

Engineers have to develop innovative products in the shortest development time possible. Security, comfort, performance, efficiency, durability and flexibility are some of the manifold requirements that have to be considered. Conflicting targets are complicating the generation of simple solutions. 

Design Concept: Concepts in a Virtual Product Development

The product development costs are mainly determined in the early concept phase. The automatic generation of optimised design proposals will reduce the number of product development cycles and the number of physical prototypes. The quality is increased and the development costs are significantly reduced. All you need is the definition of the maximum allowed design space - Tosca helps you to find the design that fits and considers all system requirements.


Design Improvement: Simulation-Driven Design Improvement

Existing designs often need small changes to adapt the design to changes in the external boundary conditions. Using optimiaation methods, design changes can quickly be applied and all relevant product requirements can be considered.

We have the right method if:

  • Different design parameters are influencing your system responses (geometry and material parameters, ingredients and process parameters)
  • Competitive targets have to be considered (weight vs. stiffness)
  • Multidisciplinary targets have to be considered (objectives and constraints from different analysis disciplines)


Decision Support: Product Knowledge and Decision Support

Due to increasing product complexity, the product development process cannot only be driven by classic analytical methods, experiments and simulation methods. The complexity can often only be coped under use of modern mathematical methods.

SIMULIA provides intuitive and user interactive methods to analyze existing datasets from simulation and physical testing. This allows you to:

  • Extract determining information concerning quality
  • Make decisions based upon high quality mathematical meta-models
  • Optimise the product properties

The number of time expensive simulations and cost expensive physical tests can be reduced to a minimum.