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SIMULIA Scenario Definition

Scenario Definition enables the setup, capture, execution and reuse of simulations involving a wide variety of simulation models and applications. Available as a controlled availability release,  Scenario Definition is part of SIMULIA’s family of Simulation Lifecycle Management products and is built on the V6 platform. It maximizes the value of company-generated simulation Intellectual Property (IP) through the capture, re-use, and deployment of simulation data and best practices for collaborative product development. The simulation IP is fully secured, searchable, and lifecycle managed with full traceability.

The associated simulation Intellectual Property (IP) is fully secured, searchable, and lifecycle managed with full traceability within the V6 iPLM environment.


  • Improves simulation data and process quality and traceability
  • Increases quality and productivity by providing quick access to the right data
  • Improves confidence in simulation results by capturing and deploying best practices
  • Accelerates decision-making by sharing simulation information with distributed teams
  • Secures intellectual property by controlling access rights
  • Retains and reuse your company's valuable simulation IP


  • Enables users to define and execute simulation scenarios, manage simulation data, processes and results, and collaborate on performance-based decision making.
  • Provides secure workspaces to define, edit and execute simulation scenarios. The associated simulation Intellectual Property (IP) is fully secured, searchable, and lifecycle managed.
  • Methods Developers can create workflow-specific simulation templates incorporating their company's best practices and using their choice of simulation tools.
  • Enables each simulation to be configured with the set of attributes, activities, and native or 3rd party applications required to complete the simulation.
  • Provides a license to use the Live Simulation Review product at no additional cost.
  • The product’s job execution capabilities can be augmented with the SIMULIA Execution Engine product that provides access to Fiper technology for enterprise-scale computation and resource management.
  • The user experience can be extended by its integration with other V6 applications like ENOVIA Requirement Central and ENOVIA Program Central.
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