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Simulation Lifecycle Management (SLM)

SIMULIA’s SLM solution enables product development companies to perform simulation data management as well as test data management to achieve a competitive advantage and maximize investment in simulation technology.

As the Dassault Systèmes brand for Realistic Simulation, SIMULIA have leveraged proven Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) technology from ENOVIA and combined it with over 30 years of simulation expertise to deliver a breakthrough, economically deployable solution for Simulation Lifecycle Management (SLM).

Simulation Lifecycle Management (SLM) Products:

  • Live Simulation Review - Live Simulation Review (LSM) is an extension of 3DLive's capabilities for 3D search and navigation with simulation focused functionality such as the ability to identify and navigate to all simulations performed on a given part or assembly. It empowers collaborators to access simulation data, execute simulation templates, and review simulation results for collaborative decision making during the product development process.
  • Model Editor - Model Editor enables design engineers and analysts to work concurrently in a collaborative, managed, open environment with the simulation modelling tools of their choosing. When used in conjunction with a process flow execution product, such as SIMULIA Scenario Definition, Model Editor provides analysts with the capability to manage and edit their simulation data within the V6 product structure.
  • Scenario Definition - Scenario Definition enables methods developers to create workflow-specific simulation templates incorporating their company’s best practices while using the simulation tools of their choosing. These templates can then be deployed to a wide range of users ensuring adherence to standard practices in order to improve repeatability, reliability and confidence in simulations.


  • Streamline the product development process thanks to further integration of simulation with the rest of the enterprise solution.
  • Better support of ENOVIA Engineering, Designer and Requirement Central data allows for an even more seamless product development process. For example, values defined in Requirement Central can directly be used in simulation workflows.
  • Dedicated search tools for retrieving simulation data based on simulation related classification are now exposed to all V6 users, ensuring any user can find the simulation data they need.
  • SLM also continues to provide new functionality for advanced users, including the support of array (or multi-valued) attributes, improved execution communication and flexible simulation job log configuration for administrators.