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Why Use Simpoe-Mold?

Simpoe-Mold ENG Key Capabilities:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Import CAD in STEP/IGES/STL formats
  • Import CATIA V5 and V6 files
  • Solid and shell parts support
  • Built-in customisable material data base that includes more than 5,000 materials
  • Built-in customisable machine data base that includes more than 3,000 references
  • Automatic surface including midplane and volume meshers
  • Simulate filling and packing phases of injection molding process up to ejection or de-molding
  • Identify common molding defects such as short shots, air traps, weld lines, fiber orientation and sink marks
  • Predict required injection pressure and tool clamping force, enabling selection of an appropriate injection molding machine
  • Display distributions of shearing and temperature growth due to shear heating, allowing designers to avoid material degradation and optimise fill times
  • Predicts process cycle time
  • Visualise melt front animation, weld lines, air traps, sink marks, fiber orientation, volumetric shrinkage, and temperature/pressure fields
  • Automatic report generation with HTML, PPT and Word Formats

Simpoe-Mold TOOL Key Capabilities:

  • Provide cooling system analysis, including multiple cooling channels, baffles and bubblers and conformal cooling
  • Predicts part warping due to internal stress, temperature, and shrinkage
  • Links to structural analysis using Abaqus and other third-party software; export of deformed and counter deformed geometry
  • Visualise warpage