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Main Technologies - Simpoe-Mold 2015

  Features Simpoe-Mold ENG Simpoe-Mold TOOL
  Shell parts
  Solid parts
  Parts with inserts
  5000+ material database
  User defined material database
  Injection machine database
  Gate location optimisation
  Multi-gate injection
  Valve gates
  Runner balancing
  Filled hotrunner analysis
  Gas assisted injection
  Multi-shot injection
  Insert molding
  Melt font animation
  Temperature field
  Pressure field
  Part shrinkage
  Clamping forces
  Weld lines
  Air traps
  Automatic report generation
  Improve and optimise cooling time
  Sink mark location
  Fiber orientation
  Sink mark values  
  Part deformation  
  Link to structural analysis  
  Export of deformed and counter-deformed geometry  
  Advanced cooling analysis  
  Conformal cooling analysis  
  Cooling inserts  
  Baffles & Bubblers analysis