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Simpoe-Mold - Plastic Injection Simulation

Simpoe-Mold supports companies that design plastic parts or injection molds or manufacture plastic parts, by predicting and avoiding manufacturing defects during the earliest stages of part and mold design. In turn this eliminates costly mold rework, improves part quality, decreases time to market and optimises production cycle times. The Simpoe-Mold plastic injection simulation solution is targeted towards all players involved in the plastic industry, whether they are product designers, mold designers, mold makers or plastic part manufacturers. Simpoe-Mold can handle complex shapes, allowing simulation with shell and solid mesh, with or without inserts. Simpoe-Mold also allows simulation of more advanced processes, such as gas-assisted injection, co-injection molding, bi-refringance, overmolding, multi-shots or multi-domain injection.

Simpoe-Mold ENG

Targeted more specifically to the Engineers in charge of industrialisation of products. Users will have the capability to identify sink marks locations, optimise press parameters, define optimum cooling time, test their own plastic materials, optimise multiple gate systems. The ENG package will also allow simulation of more advanced processes like overmolding, multishot molding, inmold labeling or gas assisted injection.

Key Benefits of Simpoe-Mold ENG include:

  • Optimal filling and packing analysis
  • Pressure predictions for end of fill for clamping forces
  • Gate location suggestions – single or multiple
  • Air trap locations
  • Knit line locations and severity
  • Shear heating and stresses
  • Non-fill areas
  • Fill and pack optimisations
  • Runner balancing
  • Fiber orientation
  • Profiled filling and packing capabilities

Simpoe-Mold TOOL

Targeted to moldmakers and tooling engineers, users of Simpoe-Mold TOOL will be able to thoroughly analyse and optimise the efficiency of the cooling system of the mold. In addition, users will be capable of conforming cooling simulation, where the cooling channels follow complex shapes as an offset of the surface of the part to be manufactured.

Key Benefits of Simpoe-Mold TOOL include:

  • Warp deformation after part ejection from mold
  • Mold and part cooling based on cooling line locations and mold component material selection
  • Complete cycle optimisation
  • Sink mark locations and depth

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