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SIMPACK Highlights

  • High frequency analysis (i.e. into the acoustic range)
  • Extreme transient non-linear analysis (e.g. shock contact)
  • Interface to standard codes (CAD, FE, Control, Hydraulics)
  • Easy interfacing with non-standard or in-house codes

The benefits that SIMPACK offers include:

  • Improved product quality by:
    • Allowing innovative concepts to be tested
    • Exploring numerous design variations prior to physical prototyping
    • Optimising full system performance by performing "what-if?" studies
    • Designing for durability
    • Testing under extreme conditions, to failure if necessary, to establish boundaries
  • Reduced costs and time by:
    • Reducing the number of physical prototypes required
    • Analysing design changes quickly without prototyping
    • Avoiding costly late revisions
    • Avoiding the need to modify test physical instrumentation, fixtures and procedures
    • Compliance, regulatory and customer validation testing in virtual environment, or reduced physical testing
  • Reduced risk by:
    • Uninterupted prototyping in a virtual environment unaffected by physical conditions
    • Feeding back improved design information quickly and effectively during the development phase, leading to informed product development decisions
    • Understanding system performance in both normal and extreme operating conditions
    • Enabling prototyping to failure to assess modes without physical risk