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SIMPACK Product Modules

The base modules are Simpack Pre, Post and Solver and are required by most other modules. All Simpack products are 100% compatible.

SIMPACK Base Modules       SIMPACK Base Modules & Wizard:
Pre, Solver, Post, Wizard

SIMPACK Automotive Modules                Automotive:
Automotive, TNO MF-Tyre, TM Easy Tyre, Interface to FTire/core, FTire/core (3rd Party), Interface to CDTire, CDTire, Virtual supension

SIMPACK Bearing Modules    Bearing:
Journal Bearing, Elasto-Hydrodynamic Bearing, Interface to Software TOWER, BEARINX, Simpack Rolling Bearing

SIMPACK Biomotion Modules    Biomotion:
Biomotion Force Elements, Biomotion Car Driver, Motorcycle Rider, HAS-Powertool Controller

CATSIM V5 Creator, ProSIM

SIMPACK Drivetrain Modules    Drivetrain:
Drive Line Selection 1, Drive Line Selection 2, Gear Pair, Belt, Shaft Coupling

SIMPACK Engine Modules    Engine:
Hydraulic Lash Adjuster, Gas Force, Dynamic Spring Multi Mass Model, Dynamic Spring Flexible Model + Segment Multi Mass Model, Chain

SIMPACK Flexible Modules    Flexible:
SIMBEAM, FlexModal, FlexContact, Loads Stress&Strain, Loads Durability

SIMPACK General Modules    General:
Contact, User, Control, NVH, Dynamic Bushing, Order Analysis

SIMPACK Multidomain Modules    Multi Domain:
SIMAT, MatSIM, FMU Import, FMU Export, IPC Co-Simulation

SIMPACK Rail Modules    Rail:
Rail, Kalker Contact, Rail Wear

SIMPACK Realtime Modules    Realtime:
Realtime Simulation Module

SIMPACK Wind Modules    Wind:
Rotorblade Generator, AeroDyn (NREL), HydroDyn (NREL), Interface to AeroModule (ECN), Wind Turbine Control Interface