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What's New in SIMPACK 2017?

SIMPACK Bad Road Complete CarGeneral

  • Support MATLAB Release R2016a
  • Simplified result access from job table
  • Direct editing of SubVars in SubVar tree
  • Tree-structured runtime parameters


  • Configurable default independent channel for curves
  • Data probe for meshes and mesh results
  • Deformation contouring optionally wrt. arbitrary time step


  • Improved NVH/Linear System Analysis performance


  • Several usability enhancements

Flexible Bodies

  • Marker-Node connection overview
  • Strain Gauge Result Element
  • Visualization of flexible Body Node Sets
  • Co-simulation with Abaqus/standard

General Modelling Elements

  • New Force Element ‘Cylindrical Bushing’
  • New Force Element ‘Spherical Bushing’
  • New Force Element ‘Bump Stop’
  • New modelling element ‘Elasto-Hydrodynamics (EHD)’ including several EHD enhancements
  • Enhancement of Force Element 225 ‘Gear Pair’ to hypoid gears
  • Support of flexible Bevel gears for Force Element 225


  • Track excitation plots
  • Profile dimensions in wheel state plot
  • New transition curve ‘Cubic Parabola’ for horizontal cartographic tracks
  • New option ‘Degree of Curvature’ for horizontal design of cartographic tracks


  •  Maneuver Element enhancements
  • CDTire and FTire handling improvements