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Dassault Systèmes "The Living Heart Project"

Visit the BBC’s web site to see how Dassault Systèmes latest software is being used to produce ground breaking insights into the inner workings of the human body.

In a collaborative venture Dassault Systèmes has joined forces with the BBC’s Commercial Advertising Team to demonstrate how technology is enabling the medical world to view the processes of life inside the body.  The technology opens up new opportunities for the medical community to better understand how an actual system, for instance the cardiovascular system, operates in infinite detail to accelerate research that should ultimately save lives.

If you look at cardiovascular disease, the single biggest cause of death around the world.  Significant advancements in research and medical technologies in recent decades has provided us with a better understanding of its causes, and in identifying  preventative measures and treatment options.   However, the reality is that not every person is alike in their physical makeup, and each may respond to treatment differently.

The team has shown what can be achieved if we use 3D computational modelling to explore each individual’s heart and thereby guiding the medical professionals to create and deliver personalized therapies with the opportunity of a much improved outcome.

Teams of cardiovascular researchers, educators, medical device manufacturers, regulatory agencies and practicing cardiologists are now coming together to make this a reality.

You will see how these challenges are being addressed as we invite you to investigate these exciting developments by viewing the videos and article that the BBC developed in collaboration with Dassault Systèmes.  You’ll see how technology is helping researchers reconstruct human anatomy in true 3D representations, leading to a better understanding of the body’s physics and removing constraints on research.  As a practical alternative to invasive processes and with the promise of shortening the development of new techniques and treatments, this paves the way to virtually test treatment options without the concern about the impact on a patient.  In the new virtual world that Dassault Systèmes is pioneering there is no limit, save imagination, to where this technology can take us in helping to explain the still unsolved mysteries of the human body!