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Why Use fe-safe?

fe-safe helps you answer these questions:

What is the fatigue life of this component?
fe-safe uses advanced critical plane multiaxial fatigue with in-built plasticity modelling to post-process results from an elastic FEA. Results can be displayed as contour plots showing crack locations and fatigue lives.

Will cracks propagate?
fe-safe uses critical distance methods to check whether cracks will propagate. Allowing cracks to initiate but not propagate to failure may allow higher working stresses and lighter and more efficient designs.

Where can material be saved? Where must extra material be added?
fe-safe calculates the allowable stresses or loads to achieve a specified service life. This is the factor of strength (FOS). fe-safe fully accounts for any changes in plasticity that may be caused by changes to loads or stresses. fe-safe shows how much the design is over-strength or under-strength at each node. Results are displayed as contour plots.

How reliable is this design?
The ‘warranty claim’ calculation combines variability in material strength and variability in loading to estimate the proportion of components un-cracked after any period of time in service. This can be used to achieve uniform reliability over different parts of an assembly. Factor of Strength (FOS) and Probability of Survival calculations can be combined with the initial fatigue life calculation in a single run. Together they show the interaction between design stress margins and component reliability.

Which loads are causing fatigue damage?
fe-safe performs a load sensitivity analysis to show the effect of each applied load. This can be used to refine the design and to design and validate an accelerated fatigue test. Once the critical and non-critical loads have been identified, test programmes can be optimised and validated by removing unrepresentative tests.

What is causing fatigue cracking?
fe-safe can provide detailed results for hot-spot areas or individual elements or nodes, time histories of calculated stresses and strains, fatigue cycle and damage histograms, Haigh and Smith plots and many other graphs to explain why the fatigue life is what it is.