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CATIA V5 Analysis

CATIA Analysis ImageCATIA Analysis provides simulation capability within the design environment, allowing engineers to perform analysis directly on their CATIA models.  Since there is no transfer of geometry, data integrity issues are avoided and design/analysis iterations can be performed rapidly from simple parts to complex assemblies.  Unrivalled ease of use makes CATIA Analysis particularly suitable for engineers looking to accurately size their designs and quickly evaluate real-world performance.

Key Features:

  • Linear stress and modal analysis on part and hybrid assemblies - Powerful stress and vibration analysis on complex assemblies enabling design engineers to simulate and validate assemblies that include surfaces, solids, and wireframe geometries.
  • Associativity between design and analysis specifications - One of the core values of CATIA Analysis is the full associativity between the design and the analysis specifications. Associativity means that the analysis model remains consistent with the design, no matter how often and substantial the changes to the design. The user can be confident that the analysis results reflect the current state of the design.
  • Easy use of pre and post processing capabilities - CATIA Analysis products provide a complete and integrated environment for pre-processing analysis models, running analyses, and viewing the results.  The entire system is intuitive and visual, based on meaningful icons.
  • Automatic mesh generation for 1D, 2D and 3D geometries - CATIA Structural Analysis generates reliable finite element meshes without user input.  However tools are available for the user to modify and make adjustments.
  • Robust and automatic generation of connection elements - Users can directly re-use connections defined as part of the assembly design or create new connections to perform structural analysis.  CATIA meshes each 3D solid part and generates all connections automatically to ensure mesh consistency.  Because of the generative capability, the assembly connections are updated automatically whenever there is a design change.  


  • 60% improvement in the product design/analysis cycle time compared to non-integrated design/analysis solutions
  • User-friendly and comprehensive analysis environment enables both designers and engineers to carry out simulation
  • Reduced costs resulting from the ability to detect problems early in the design process
  • Productivity gains due to a common environment which enables seamless design and analysis