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Why Use Abaqus?

  • Faster learning curve through easy-to-use pre processer Abaqus/CAE with GUI customisation toolset to automate proven processes
  • Unmatched contact analysis capability/robustness for easier modelling of assemblies and high results accuracy
  • Comprehensive set of analysis features (including CFD) already included in the standard package (no add-on cost that usually have high cost with other software after buying the basic package
  • Highly accurate non-linear and explicit solvers (e.g. easy to converge complex non-linear problems)
  • Comprehensive material models to handle most challenging engineering problems that other software fail to do (including flexibility to use the supplied user subroutines to drive analysis beyond its capability)
  • Advanced fracture and failure algorithms (e.g. XFEM to predict crack path irrespective of mesh boundaries)
  • Leader in high performance computing
  • Direct integration with most CAD systems in particular CATIA, SOLIDWORKS etc.
  • Market leader in supporting multi-physics
  • Special Abaqus tokens to run other advanced SIMULIA software simulation tools from the same pool of tokens such as fe-safe (for advanced fatigue), TOSCA (for non-parametric optimisation) and Isight (for process flow automation and parametric optimisation)
  • Reputable technical support using the latest diagnostic tools and tracking for users