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Rapid Part Search

Businesses that master their information resource will be more profitable than those that don’t. In an interconnected and more open world, information has very few places to hide. Ask any question online and you get inundated with answers.  

It is a lot easier to hide information in your business than it is online. If your business uses multiple servers, folders, users that create and file their own information, employees that leave the business or you experience merger and acquisition, it’s easy to lose your Intellectual Property. 

Dassault Systèmes EXALEAD starts by learning your data infrastructure and gives you the power of an external www search engine pointed at your own network, servers and file storage systems. It enables you to retain the value (Intellectual Property) of previous projects for every new project you start by helping you to search and find the right information.

Whether you plan to use or are currently using PLM, EXALEAD gives you access to the relevant information that sits outside, especially useful if you have ever merged businesses or experienced key personnel changes. It also looks at some of the information that you might not have stored in your PLM like the information gained about failed materials, tests, processes or development paths and it does it at lightning fast speed.

EXALEAD - rapid part search