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Q-Checker Products

Q-Checker Products allow companies to follow their own design principles and to meet essential quality requirements. The adherence of standards and design methodologies becomes part of the PLM process. Product data quality is automatically checked at significant process steps. With statistical evaluations, a continuous improvement process is established.


Q-Checker: Management System for Product Data Quality (PDQ)
Q-Checker is a tool that operates within the CATIA environment, ensuring that correct quality standards are adhered to.  It enables companies to meet both their design and quality requirements at the point of data creation. Preconfigured standards and quality checks are defined and data is then tested against these checks for approval.  Errors that would previously have been detected in downstream processes are identified earlier with Q-Checker, saving costs in redesign and repeat manufacture. 


Q-Monitor: Establishment of a continuous improvement process
Q-Monitor is a tool that allows Product Data Quality to be made visible providing results that reflect either the current status or data quality over a time period.  The evaluation reports provide highly relevant feedback and highlight the most common errors that could be eliminated with specific training support.  Combining this with Q-Checker batch mode data enables clients to evaluate the work of their suppliers in detail.