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Publish 3D - Configuration and Packaging

3D PDF is provided in a broad range of configurations and packages to support small local requirement or for large enterprise use. Flexible licensing makes 3D PDF affordable and cost effective. Once configured, Publish 3D Document will pull engineering data from a variety of enterprise-wide information repositories or MRP systems again leveraging your previous PLM investments.

Publish 3D Variants

3D PDF Available Products

 3D PDF  User Profile CATIA V5  NX  Creo JT
 Interactive  CAD User (s) Y Y Y N
 On Demand  Non CAD user (medium volumes) Y Y Y Y
 Automated  Large volumes controlled & process driven publishing Y Y Y Y
 Add-On  Existing CADverter users NX/JT V5 JT V5/Creo

3D PDF Available Options

 3D PDF Interactive On-Demand Automated
 Save-As from CAD system (not for JT) Y Licenses included Licenses included
 Installation consultancy N Y Y
 Consultancy required for data aggregation N/A N/A Y
 Licensing Node Locked & Floating Floating Floating
 Templates availability at run time Single Multiple Standard Multiple Custom
 CAD sources Single CAD Single CAD Single CAD Custom
 Data source Translation & CAD Data + Static Files + Custom Dynamic
 Number of users (guidance only) 1-5 1-10 20+
 Batch/GUI N Y Y
 Job scheduling and management N N Y
 Scalable N N Y