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Project Management

Our project management forms part of our PLM delivery process and is a PLM specific version based on the PRINCE 2 methodology. At one level it is used in its entirety by our dedicated project managers to facilitate large scale PLM deployments. Enterprise events may well include a team responsible for international, multi-site and multi-user deployment with simultaneous activities across your entire business. At the other end of the scale project management, still governed by the PRINCE 2 methodology, may be conducted within the role of a single PLM software implementation engineer.

Our comprehensive engagement process assesses resource requirements prior to taking an order allowing us to accurately utilise our resources based on your requirement. This way we are best placed to ensure our customers achieve their required output irrespective of the size of their business.  

Having the right resources (Hardware, Software, Business and Process) available at the precise time they are required is part of the project manager’s remit. The mix of resources involved in larger projects includes customer, partners, suppliers and our own people. Open, unambiguous communication and agreed ownership at all times ensures clear responsibilities are set and delivery happens on time.