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Why Choose midasGTS NX?

GTS NX is offers specialised and unique features, developed to accelerate the modelling and analysis processes. With these features users are able to generate high quality, optimised designs with greater efficiency than most would ever imagine possible.

Why Choose midasGTS NX?

1) A New Experience with a Next Generation Engine

  • Integrated solver optimised for 64-bit platforms: Due to low memory usage and improvements in selection/addition/deletion processing performance, 3D models can be processed quickly and easily.
  • Minimize movement, maximize efficiency: GTS NX organises tools and functions in an logic and convenient way to provide a friendly working environment, including ribbon menu, work tree, context menu, and multi-window.

2) Complex Models, Simple Modelling

  • Accurately simulate the terrain of your project sites: GTS NX features a high-end Terrain Geometry Maker (TGM) that automatically converts topographic maps into editable surfaces.
  • Effortlessly turn your AutoCAD drawings into models: GTS NX enables you to import your CAD drawings directly into the program, eliminating the need to recreate existing drawings on the program.
  • Functions for modelling complex 3D geometry and applications: GTS NX has various advanced modelling functions that enable you to model even the most complex projects with unmatched levels of ease and precision.
  • Create intricate mesh sets with unprecedented ease: GTS NX also incorporates a hybrid mesh generation function that creates mesh set that use an optimal combination of hexahedron and tetrahedral elements.

3) Simulating the 'Real World'

  • All types of analysis in one interface: GTS NX performs slope stability analysis, static analysis, construction stage analysis, consolidation analysis, stress-seepage coupled analysis, seepage analysis and dynamic analysis.
  • High-end analysis made easy: GTS NX enables you to use various types of interface elements to create an accurate soil structure interaction simulation. These interface elements make it possible to easily model soil structure interaction regardless of geometric complexities.
  • A higher level of construction stage analysis: GTS NX offers the unique ability to have multiple construction stage analysis cases modelled in a single file, making it possible to directly compare the results of various construction stage analysis cases and determine the optimal design for your project.

4) Printing Out the Analysis

  • Impressive output to get the most out of your analysis: GTS NX features a groundbreaking new function that enables you to generate reports in PDF format directly from the post processing results menu of the program, eliminating the need to tediously use print screen or copy and paste functions.
  • Graphics Based Output: GTS NX features a powerful post-processing engine that is capable of converting complex models into simple cross-sections, clipping planes, and contour line representations. 
  • Extract and Visualise Results: GTS NX offers intuitive filtering functions that enable you to automatically sift through large quantities of output and extract the results you need.

5) From Attention to Share

  • Trustable solutions proven by worldwide applications: MIDAS IT has been creating reliable FE solutions since 1989. The capability and credibility of MIDAS software has been proven by their worldwide clients and projects, with programs serving more than 5000 users in more than 150 countries.