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midasGTS NX - Geotechnical Analysis System

midasGTS NX is a comprehensive finite element analysis software package with an advanced, user-friendly modelling platform that enables unmatched levels of precision and efficiency. GTS NX is equipped to handle the entire range of geotechnical design applications including deep foundations, excavations, complex tunnel systems, seepage analysis, consolidation analysis, embankment design, dynamic and slope stability analysis

midasGTS NX offers the following benefits:

  • Next Generation Framework: GTS NX fully supports the latest 64-bit OS Graphic user interface. The intuitive interface enables new users to easily integrate the software in their work process.
  • Complex Models, Simple Modelling: GTS NX has various advanced modelling functions that will enable you to model even the most complex projects with unmatched levels of ease and precision.
  • Solutions for All Analysis Types: With GTS NX you will no longer need to rely on several different geotechnical programs to perform various analyses. Instead you will be able to use GTS NX to perform any type of geotechnical analysis application.
  • Powerful Post-Processor: Through its advanced graphic processing engine, GTS NX provides a variety of output methods for users to visualise and extract their analysis results.