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Marine & Offshore Market Challenges

The marine market is under pressure to reduce costs, yet customers demand ever higher quality delivered to tighter timescales. These pressures affect the entire industry from designers and naval architects to shipyards and suppliers. Typical comments include…

Designers and Naval Architects

  • Concept designs are required quickly with renderings, drawings and 3D geometry
  • We need to collaborate and exchange project data in real time with shipyards and owners
  • We need to be able to optimise and validate new concepts more rapidly
  • Our design teams need the ability to reserve and validate space in the Digital Mock-Up
  • We want to work smarter and re-use elements of existing designs on new projects
  • We need to interface our hydrostatics and stability calculations with real CAD design data


  • We must reduce project costs and improve programme planning
  • How can we enable concurrent engineering and coordination?
  • Is there a way to incorporate shipyard know-how earlier in the engineering process?
  • We need to react quickly to market demands
  • Can we really improve productivity and reduce rework?

Suppliers and subcontractors

  • The amount of 3D data exchange is increasing and the quality remains variable
  • We’re expected to offer a more complete service, taking on more engineering responsibility
  • We want to be able to respond more rapidly to engineering enquiries