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Marine & Offshore CATIA Marine

CATIA Marine Work Instructions   

Work Instructions
Build processed and sequences clearly defined through the use of work instructions.
Annotations of assembly process provides further clarity of manufacturing process.

CATIA Marine SYS Routing   

Systems Routing
Piping, HVAC and electrical harnesses efficiently routed within available space.
Downstream processes such as production planning benefit from information on accurate material requirement.

CATIA Marine Styling Design   

Styling Design
Import sytlist’s drawings to use as the basis of 3D surfaces.
Generate high quality updateable geometry using ‘Imagine & Shape’ or ‘Freestyle Shaper’.

CATIA Marine Structure Design   

Structure Design
Rapid creation of metallic hull structures generated from catalogues of standard plates, beams and pillars.
Consistent approach to hull structure design maintained.

CATIA Marine Space Reservation   

Space Reservation
Space reservation modelling methodology builds up a picture of the design efficiently.
Variants created quickly based on best practice company design methods.

CATIA Marine Rendering   

Generation of high quality realistic renderings of interior and exterior designs.
Use of catalogue environments enables minimal setup time.

CATIA Marine Project Data Management (PDM)   

Project Data Management
Control all electronic project data throughout the business.
Provide the right information to the right people whilst managing revision control and traceability.

CATIA Marine Layout Drawings   

Layout Drawings
Standardised layout drawings created wi  thin drafting workbench.
Process can be automated with the use of integrated visual scripting techniques.

CATIA Marine Hydrostatics   

Use the embedded ‘Ship Explorer’ to set up real-time hydrostatics analysis.
Perform advanced stability calculations within MAAT Hydro via the live connection with CATIA.

CATIA Marine Human Simulation   

Human Simulation
Simulate ergonomic studies through the application of Human Builder.
Create and simulate mannequins to carry out ergonomic checks.

CATIA Marine Fitting Simulation   

Fitting Simulation
Validate assembly process and in-service maintenance requirements using fitting simulation.
Alternative build processes can be explored to determine assembly process.


Finite Element Analysis
Iterrogate component during the design process with CATIA’s finite element analysis workbench.
Resolve design issues early in the engineering process.

CATIA Marine Assembly Documentation   

Assembly Documentation
Generate assembly documentation for workshop and as part of a deliverable for yacht documentation.
Associative links to master model enable real time updates to be managed.

CATIA Marine Drawings   

Create drawings from 3D models – even very large assemblies.
Line-geometry can be added in the drawing workbench or created in 3D and shown in the picture.

CATIA Marine Digital Mock-Up   

Digital Mock-Up (DMU)
Full definition Digital Mock-Up (DMU) comprising structure, systems etc.
Drawings can be extracted or 3D data can be shared in light-weight 3DXML files as in the image.

CATIA Marine Composites Manufacture   

Composites Manufacture
Classic composite structures such as the deck and hull generated within dedicated composites suite.
Deliverables can range from zone creation and layup through to ply-book creation.

CATIA Marine CNC Machining   

CNC Programming
Generate of machine code (2, 3 and 5 axis machining) directly from model data.
Simulation tools allow the machining process to be simulated.

CATIA Marine Catalogue   

Standard catalogue parts and features stored for design re-use.
Ensures that company standards are adhered to and streamlines design process.

CATIA Marine Bill of Materials (BOM)   

Bill of Material (BOM)
Generate configurable BOM directly from the assembly model structure providing an up-to-date listing.
BOM can then be used in drawings or exported to other business systems.