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IMSverify Screenshot IMSverify goes beyond simple APT or CL file verification within the CAM system to provide a unique NC verification capability and peace of mind. It checks the actual G-code that will drive the machine to negate the risks added by complex machining operations on multi-axis machines. 

Full Machine Simulation

Full machine simulation means precise and accurate control of the machining environment.

Solids-Based Material Removal

Importing stock and fixture information as solids from your CAM system ends up as in-process stock or for comparison to the original design data.

Integrated with IMSpost

As a single, intuitive interface you can simultaneously view the CAM system data (APT), G-code from the post processor and the material removal. Full control and visibility of the process speeds optimisation and error removal.  

Tools available are:

  • Breakpoints (at specific blocks, tool changes, conditions)
  • Dynamic rotation, pan, and zoom while cutting
  • Synchronized APT, G-code, and material removal
  • Full multi-axis support, including RTCP and working planes
  • Precise representation of tool, tool holder, stock, clamps, and fixtures
  • Solids-based material removal 
  • Advanced visualisation:
    • Realistic shading
    • User specification (colour, transparency, error highlighting)
  • Full machine simulation including clash detection
  • Complete mill-turn support including synchronisation of multi-channel controls

IMSpost technology allows complete customisation of the controller emulator in IMSverify, to support every feature of your CNC control.