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High-Tech Solutions

Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE Solutions for High Technology reinvent the way High-Tech innovators can engage customers, employees, and partners to imagine, design, engineer, and manufacture, sell and service products. Based on decades of work with “must-succeed” high-technology-enabled products and experiences in the Aerospace and Automotive industries, they combine function-specific engineering and manufacturing enablement, integrated social and lifecycle information management and sharing, and customer integration into an experience development process to deliver exceptional electronic experiences that win in the marketplace.

The Business Challenges

High Tech 3DEXPERIENCE Solutions: Supplier Collaboration

Engineering Collaboration

Speed up your innovation journey from concepts to customer-ready products.

High Tech 3DEXPERIENCE Solutions: Limited Resources

Limited Resources

Bring more products to market & prevent project delay with limited development resources & budget.

High Tech 3DEXPERIENCE Solutions: Track Changes

Make & Track Rapid Changes

Rapidly make and track changes to assure faster delivery than competitors on the market.


The Solutions


Accelerated Device

Accelerated Device is a new industry solution experience specifically tailored to mid-market High Tech innovators. It provides critical capability to connect electronics and mechanical design teams with requirements and project management as well as with external partners. Discover the values of the Accelerated Device solution:

  • Reduce time to market with unified multi-disciplinary engineering collaboration
  • Target zero project delay with “Deliverables-based project management”
  • Protect company IP through secure data package exchange with subcontractors
  • Accelerate the NPI process by providing easy data access and review capability to the shop floor

Download the Accelerated Device Brochure


Why Choose Intrinsys?

Knowing what works well in one industry and how it can be applied to another is a key way that Intrinsys adds value. Intrinsys are experienced in developing and supporting the PLM systems within leading high-tech companies.

Built on customer referral, Intrinsys are an engineering company who work hard for their customers, offering a refreshing opportunity to find out how PLM can work for the high-tech industry. 


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