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How Can EXALEAD OnePart Help Your Business?

With EXALEAD OnePart, engineers, managers, technicians, and procurement specialists can quickly and easily find and reuse existing parts, product designs and other related information located anywhere inside the organisation, even beyond obvious PDM and PLM repositories. The result is an optimised reuse of parts, designs and related documentation, thus accelerating product development and delivery and decreasing design, material, manufacturing, and storage costs.

See for yourself how EXALEAD OnePart can save your company time and money.

EXALEAD OnePart Benefits:

  • Reuse 2D/3D assets from legacy data immediately
  • Repurpose past designs hidden from view
  • Speed ramp-up time for new projects
  • Leverage past knowledge to enhance products
  • Reuse proven and tested designs and parts
  • Avoid last-minute design-related issues at launch
  • Avoid creating duplicate designs and parts
  • Increase knowledge worker productivity
  • Accelerate downstream release processing and logistics
  • Decrease redundant inventory and support
  • Decrease Time-to-Market and Increase Agility
  • Improve Quality and Decrease Risk
  • Lower Costs and Free Up Working Capital

The EXALEAD OnePart Difference:

  • A product and part library automatically built from a team’s multiCAD assets, currently in CATIA V5 (2D/3D), SOLIDWORKS (2D/3D), AutoCAD (2D), and soon Pro/E, NX, 3DXML and many more
  • Full-text search and attribute search in one search box
  • Preview any part or document without the need to open it in a slow, native application
  • Parent/Child navigation for deep and intelligent discovery of your parts
  • Part shape similarity search to spot close parts and potential duplicates
  • Ease-of-use through linguistic/spelling filters, query suggestion, facets, My Starred Items
  • Ease of installation