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EXALEAD CloudView Mashup Builder

The EXALEAD CloudView Mashup Builder is a drag’n’drop interface for rapidly prototyping and deploying search-based discovery applications. Whether your application will serve 100 enterprise users or 100 million Internet users, you can prototype a robust proof-of-concept in one day, with a full production release in a matter of days or weeks. Simply drag and drop feeds from one or dozens of internal or external data sources into the Mashup Builder (your CloudView index, databases, the Web, etc.), then drag and drop multi-channel design widgets for search, presentation and/or reporting into a Web page template.

Customer Benefits

  • Rapid time-to-market
  • Low development costs
  • No painful data integration
  • No Web Services overhead

EXALEAD CloudView Mashup Builder Highlights

  • Optional ontology-driven data modelling for accelerated development (automatically applied to all underlying analysis, indexing and search configuration processes)
  • An expansive library of 100+ out-of-the-box mobile and visual dashboarding widgets
  • A Java plugin framework to enrich all platform capabilities
  • Eclipse integration to seamlessly develop, test and deploy plugins
  • Simple and efficient administration UI with optimisation and debugging tools

Mashup Builder is easy to use, with a clean, wide Layout Editor for creating complex page compositions, simplified menus, and live previews of widgets for fast application fine-tuning. Mashup Expression Language incorporates simplified syntax with broad computation capabilities and easy facet value formatting.