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EXALEAD CloudView Index

Information Discovery

EXALEAD CloudView Sentiment AnalysisThe EXALEAD CloudView indexing module uses statistical, linguistic and semantic processing to transform heterogeneous, multi-source data flowing from the Connectivity and Semantic Factory modules into a unified base of actionable information intelligence.

The CloudView index stores and maintains this data and processes incoming user and application queries against it. The module further performs qualitative and quantitative analytics on textual, numerical, temporal and geographical values, both during indexation and on-the-fly at query time.

It is also a secure, non-intrusive platform that scales linearly and massively at a low hardware cost, adapts easily to changes in source data, and supports flexible query input/output strategies adapted to your business rules and priorities.

Customer Benefits

  • Empowers users to become self-reliant decision-makers
  • Integrates intelligence from all relevant sources
  • Guarantees secure enforcement of source-system rights
  • Supports both qualitative and quantitative analytics with a single platform
  • Scales linearly at a low hardware cost

EXALEAD CloudView Index Highlights

  • Extreme Performance
    • Low latency indexing whatever the volume of data
    • Sub-second semantic query processing regardless of index size
    • Massively-scalable faceting (categorisation and clustering) of textual, numerical, data and geographical values
  • Next-Generation Analytics
    • Query-time definition of virtual fields (e.g., computing Sales on Unit Sold x Unit Price)
    • Dynamic aggregation of facet/field values using functions such as avg, centile, max, min, stddev, sum, etc., to produce, for example, Revenue by Region, Brand, Customer, etc.
    • Auto-partitioning of numerical values (e.g., under $10, $10 to $100, over $100)
    • Dynamic pivot-style tables that join facets along multiple axes (e.g., Sales, Region, Date, Products, Vendors…)
    • Scheduled alerting is complemented by real-time alerting, with notifications triggered as soon as information matching stored queries are indexed. Flexible standard and custom options are available for publishing notifications: email, Web services, RSS, etc.
  • One-of-a-Kind Usability
    • Deep user context for maximum relevancy: integration of contextual data like geolocation, easy generation of role- and rule-based views, incorporation of user ratings and tags, etc.
    • User assistance through semantic interpretation of natural language queries, fuzzy matching of results, faceted navigation, query suggestions and much more
    • Diagnostic tool improves the user experience by helping administrators more easily detect and respond to configuration issues