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EXALEAD CloudView Connectivity

Collect Data in Any Volume, from Any Source

EXALEAD Connectivity uses state-of-the-art data connectors and the industry’s most advanced Web crawler to gather unstructured, semi-structured and structured data from virtually any source in the enterprise cloud.

This includes an intelligent extraction of complex structured data and associated rich metadata (attributes, rules, relationships, etc.) from the world’s most sophisticated enterprise applications and data warehouse systems.

EXALEAD Connectivity further offers Semantic ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) of the “grey” data that constitutes the bulk of today’s Big Data collections:

  • Unstructured content like documents, emails, call recordings and videos
  • Semi-structured data such as HTML and XML, including social media content
  • Small but voluminous “big bit bucket” structured content such as the machine data produced by smart meters, RFID readers, barcode scanners, weblogs and GPS tracking units

Working in tandem with the EXALEAD Semantic Factory, the semantic ETL processors within the EXALEAD Connectivity module automatically structure unstructured information, and enrich minimally structured (semi-structured) data.

Customer Benefits

  • Delivers a fully-unified view of information
  • Guarantees non-intrusive, secure and automated data collection
  • Ensures high performance even at Big Data scale

EXALEAD CloudView Connectivity Highlights

  • Secure, non-intrusive data acquisition
  • Choice of real-time, batch, or incremental updates
  • Fail-proof checkpoint mechanism (writes/updates processed in “all or nothing” mode)
  • Informatica PowerCenter OEM agreement for reliable connectivity to emerging information sources