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Exalead CloudViewEXALEAD CloudView is a one-of-a-kind search engine that collects unstructured and structured data from any source, in any format and in any volume, and automatically transforms it into a single structured information resource. This resource, which continually evolves and adapts as your data evolves, can be directly searched or used to develop innovative search-based applications (SBAs). 

EXALEAD CloudView Benefits

  • Extract more value from your existing digital assets
  • Protect your IT investments
  • Scale in step with mounting data volumes
  • Adapt to evolving sources, uses & channels
  • Maintain fresh, always up-to-date information
  • Support multi-channel delivery of high-impact SBAs

CloudView offers a single platform for:

  • Unified, Web-style information search
  • Automatically structured data access
  • Intuitive, dynamic reporting 

Unified, Web-Style Information Search

CloudView provides a single point of access to all your content, breaking down knowledge silos. Searches can be launched from a simple, Web-style text box, and results are automatically organised into categories for one-click refinement. User aids like related query suggestions, phonetic and approximate spelling matches, and spelling correction further ensure fast, successful search.

Automatically Structured Data Access

CloudView's advanced semantic technologies automatically analyse, normalise and categorise heterogeneous unstructured and structured data into a unified information resource that can be distributed, accessed and displayed with unprecedented flexibility, automation, and speed. In fact, a search engine like CloudView can process information access requests 100s of times faster than traditional relational database systems. 

Intuitive, Dynamic Reporting

CloudView is an ideal tool for enabling broad access to real-time reporting for better day-to-day decision making. CloudView can non-intrusively index in real-time (or quasi real-time) all desired sources for wide-scope intelligence, with built-in statistical processors enabling rich out-of-the box reporting. Users simply click on data of interest to generate on-the-fly visual reporting (bar charts, pie charts, maps, reports, etc.). Unlike traditional database applications, there is no need to pre-determine user needs and possible data views in order to open up a resource for reporting.