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ENOVIA VPLM ENOVIA VPLM provides a complete set of integrated solutions for virtual product modelling, lifecycle management, and decision support for companies making complex, high-value products.


ENOVIA VPLM products help enable companies developing large engineering-intensive products to manage the complete product lifecycle in a unified environment. All participants in the lifecycle can access, share and manage product information securely. This results in increased innovation, reduced development time and costs, and a boost in the difference new products make reaching the market right the first time.

Information generated during the product development lifecycle is a key part of a company's intellectual property and a source of competitive advantage. ENOVIA VPLM manages this information using the PPR (Product, Processes and Resources) model, including a product's definition along with its manufacturing processes and related resources.

ENOVIA VPLM products enable companies to springboard from a current design to a competitive innovation by applying new practices such as collaborative design, product morphing, "design in context," and digital mock-up. Industry leaders in the automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, power generation, process industry markets have adopted these solutions.