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ENOVIA is the world’s preferred collaboration application for bringing new products to market. ENOVIA is committed to a great user experience, enjoyed by everyone from the smallest teams to the largest global enterprises.

ENOVIA V6R2013x Highlights:

  • ENOVIA V6R2013x enables CATIA V6 mobile users to design anywhere and anytime, even when the network is unavailable, while protecting IP and maintaining data integrity with the rest of the design team.
  • With V6R2013x suppliers and OEMs can rely on ENOVIA VPM Supply Chain Collaborative Engineering for a secured and traceable data exchange process using dedicated workspaces. 3DXML files are directly sent from V6 authoring applications to a workspace Suppliers can securely access. 
  • V6R2013x provides Engineers and Managers with an Engineering Bill of Material (EBOM) and 3D cross highlighting to visually experience the BOM structure in 3D and better plan design changes and/or downstream manufacturing processes.
  • V6R2013x simplifies the view and management of project team members task assignments through “My Calendar”. “My Calendar” ensures development projects stay on-schedule and on-budget by providing all project team members with a consolidated view of their task assignments and activities requiring their attention. It provides an aggregated view of project WBS tasks, risks, issues, meetings and route tasks for quick global assessment. 
  • V6R2013x introduces the possibility to configure requirement definitions using product features options in addition to the already available data and product revision based effectivity. These powerful requirement configuration capabilities enable the creation of a highly coherent design through the use of a fully configured Requirement, Functional, Logical and Physical (RFLP) product definition model. This rich RFLP model leverages a single requirements structure and variants dictionary to manage all product or system variants.