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SmarTeam Programme Management

SmarTeam Programme Management is an out-of-the box, yet customisable, collaborative project management solution. It enables the storage and management of programme related information, including multiple projects, timelines, tasks, deliverables and resources.  It tightly connects them to product and process related knowledge, such as Workflow processes, Documents and Bills of Material.

SmarTeam Programme Management provides dispersed users throughout the extended Enterprise and across the supply chain with a single, unified environment. It allows users to easily, efficiently, and securely manage and share data and processes in real-time through an intuitive, role-based user interface, eliminating error-prone manual data entries, and decreasing costs and time-to-market.

Product highlights:

  • Unites the management of project and product data in a single integrated environment
  • Enables project collaboration across the extended enterprise on multiple concurrent projects
  • Integrates bi-directionally with Microsoft Project
  • Ensures secure project environment through Project based authorisation
  • Facilitates re-use of unified project and product information
  • Supports project tracking and reporting for enhanced decision-making
  • Automation of project execution through a system of notifications and alerts