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SmarTeam Editor

SmarTeam Editor enables enterprises to share, exchange, view, and manage product information from concept through to obsolescence. SmarTeam Editor can manage various types of data and resources, including CAD data and Microsoft Office based documents, including Microsoft Word and Excel.

In conjunction with SmarTeam Foundation, SmarTeam Editor provides data security, file and metadata storage, and advanced full text searching and is complemented by a full application suite including Workflow, Bill of Materials (BOM), Supply Chain Management, Multi-Site and more.

Through a web-based interface, SmarTeam Web Editor enables secure product lifecycle collaboration through the SmarTeam database using standard Internet browsers. Using the web-based client, authorised company and supply chain members can create, edit, view, control, and annotate engineering and office type documents in a dynamic and secure environment from any location and perform advanced searches and view documents without the need to download the file.

Product highlights:

  • User-friendly Windows interface for ease of use
  • Comprehensive product data and document management within a corporate LAN & WEB
  • Collaboration in a Multi-CAD environment
  • Advanced search and retrieval capabilities
  • Powerful viewing capabilities for almost all file formats
  • Secure lifecycle management, with data secured in an electronic vault
  • Project, User, Group and Role based authorisation for data access