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SmarTeam BOM

SmarTeam BOM enables users to manage, manipulate, track and collaborate on product structures and Bills of Material (BOM) throughout the product lifecycle and across the extended enterprise and supply chain.

By addressing collaborative engineering and complex configuration management issues, SmarTeam BOM enables users to monitor, filter and view product structures, whilst copy and compare capabilities enable knowledge re-use and ensure validation of Bill of Materials.  Structure management and multiple views functionality provides users with efficient impact analysis control across a variety of complex product configurations, and ensures traceability during engineering change processes.

Product highlights

  • Streamlines business workflow by linking people, information and processes
  • Manages enterprise workflow processes to shorten time-to-market and increase Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Flowchart Designer enables new workflow processes to be defined
  • Supports multi-level workflow capability, through embedded flowcharts
  • Workflow Server drives and tracks all workflow processes