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ENOVIA SmarTeam Business Problems

Does your business encounter these problems? Then ENOVIA SmarTeam is the answer.

“Purchasing sent out the wrong version of the drawing to our supplier, resulting in scrap production parts and significant re-manufacturing costs.”
SmarTeam gives an instant visual indication of the current production revision of a model or drawing.

Various people have designed parts at different times and file names have been inconsistent - finding parts in the file system has been extremely difficult.”
A: By controlling CAD data in SmarTeam there is just one location to find manufacturing documentation. SmarTeam has very powerful search capabilities allowing for rapid location of any data.

“We currently do not have an up-to-date assembly of the current product in CAD - should design updates be needed in a hurry, as is often the case, we will have issues locating the correct data for modification.”
A: With SmarTeam you can rapidly locate the current design build standard and evaluate change effects.

We found it very hard to maintain an accurate BOM, resulting in the production using the wrong level parts whilst also encountering shortages with the correct level parts - this has resulted in a 2 week project delay.”
A: SmarTeam allows multiple views of the BOM, “As Specified”, “As Designed”, “As Built” as well as configurations of your products.

“We were forever loosing change request forms on people’s desks. Even printing them on bright red paper didn’t help”
A: SmarTeam Workflow enables electronic forms and processes to be captured and managed centrally. Workflow will alert users via email that there is a need to access SmarTeam to carry out a function.