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DraftSight Enterprise

DraftSight Enterprise for companies is a bundle of products and services that reduces software compliance issues and deployment challenges, and enhances customisation and integration. DraftSight Enterprise is a subscription-based service and can be renewed on an annual basis.

Although there is tremendous value with the free, standalone version of DraftSight (available to download), companies should consider DraftSight Enterprise for the following reasons:

  • Save money on your CAD investments. With DraftSight Enterprise, you could save between 50% and 80% on your CAD requirements versus maintaining your current CAD product and service, or investing in another option.
  • Increase user productivity. DraftSight’s trained worldwide technical support team can help users get up to speed quickly and have their questions answered swiftly.
  • Leverage your current processes. Companies that have automated, customized or integrated their current DWG-based CAD system through LISP or other macros will find significant value in the APIs offered via DraftSight Enterprise. DraftSight offers programming interfaces including C++, COM, LISP and Javascript.
  • Keep your CAD current. With upgrades to the most up-to-date versions of DraftSight, including major releases and service packs. Plus you’ll have access to DraftSight API updates.
  • Gain more control over your CAD investment. With everyone working with the same version, you’ll eliminate the challenges of managing multiple versions of 2D CAD across your organisation and avoid unnecessary costs related to data conversion and incompatibility issues.
  • Avoid CAD compliance issues. CAD managers will now be in control of CAD installations with DraftSight’s network license for the Enterprise. 
  • Work with a proven partner. Dassault Systèmes is the leading CAD and PLM vendor, augmented by a proven channel of worldwide partners.