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Digital Manufacturing Simulation

As we glue, bolt, screw, weld or even print our products today, the need to deliver manufacturing flexibility whilst minimising cost and improving on KPI’s has never been greater. Delivering a quality product first time every time used to be the goal of a production process, now it is the new build requirement. With high expectations, the ability to design, visualise and simulate every stage in the life cycle of a production process is changing the way we plan and make products.   

Dassault Systèmes DELMIA brings the entire manufacturing process into the PLM 3DEXPERIENCE, allowing process, equipment and people to create a lifelike virtual reality of your manufacturing before resources are committed.  Whether used for new or in process operations, DELMIA gives you the opportunity to view your resources working their way through each movement, machining action, assembly and test cycle including service and breakdown. Issues can be identified, addressed and fixed at the earliest possible stage of manufacture minimising cost.